Paperboard edge protector designed to protect the products against mechanical damage during transport, storage and long-term preservation. Paper edge protector is a solution, which solves the challenge with the transport logistics and warehousing. Using of instead of existing kind of packaging (stretch film, corrugated box, pallet, paper tray) edge protectors provide storage of the goods.

Main properties:

• Wall thinkhess – 2-10 mm;

• Width – 35-100 mm;

• Length – 50-6000 mm.

It has following advantages:
• Usage of an edge protector prevents a damage of edges and corners of the packaging while it is transported or stored.

• Usage of an edge protector prevents shrinking of the packaging in case if vertical upper load.

• When edge protector are used, the load of top palled is not delivered to the goods in a bottom, but distributed by the edge protectors on to the bottom pallet. At that very moment all the load on that frame of protectors is up to 1 ton.

• Usage of edge protectors prevents crumpling of the booton raw of the corrugated boxes in case of putting them in a raw.